Saturday, January 8, 2011

A WTF/BA Pre-dawn run

Went out last night with business folk - two glasses of wine with dinner. Then on to a blues club for a beer, which became two, then three, then four. Back in my hotel bed about midnight. Still pondering whether I can get my run in the next day. Logically I had about given up, thinking "oh, what's the big deal if you skip one easy run". But I've been kind of focused on getting 4 runs a week in and was still thinking I could get up early and hit the treadmill here in the hotel in Indianapolis.
So I wake up at 3 and pee, and then again at 4:30. Because 4 beers is a lot of fluid. 4:40 - I'm not falling back to sleep. 4:50 - I say, oh WTF, and I get out of bed, join the Wacky Town Footracers, and start getting dressed. And to heck with this treadmill nonsense. I always hate it, and the weather is nothing too horrible. It's just kind of cold - about 25. So I gear up in my cotton sweatshirt and head outside at 5:30 (affter loop time). The sun is not even thinking about dawn yet. I had mapped out a run on mapmyrun through some mostly residential areas near the hotel. I step outside expecting bitter cold - but it doesn't feel bad! Not bad at all! Lack of wind really helps. So off I go.
It was fun! 5 miles at 8:25 pace! I was going faster than normal, I guess the cold motivated me to move quicker. Mostly no traffic, just quiet, dark and peaceful. I thought about Mr. Bacon and his regular pre-dawn runs, and thought, well, maybe I could do this once in a while.
So now I get to pack up, work a bit, then head to the airport for 2 flights home. It looks like it will be 21 hours from waking up to bedtime, but I predict some airplane napping ahead. So I got my 2 Indy runs in and I can still use BA to spell Bangle.

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  1. Right on! Most of my runs are pre-dawn. I wouldn't have time otherwise. You go fast because you are BAngle.