Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Californian Exploring Indiana in Winter

So I am here in Indianapolis for work. Alone. Plenty of time to get a run in since work was done by 4 and the sun is still up past 5:30. I have a car and a GPS so I go to mapmyrun and look for places to run. Find one called the canal towpath that looks interesting so off I go to check it out.
Weather is reasonable but quite a change for me. About 29 degrees, light winds. Sadly there is no snow on the ground. I have no winter running gear, because I'm cheap and I don't need it where I live. So I'm running old school. Cotton t-shirt, cotton sweatshirt, no hood, cotton gloves from target (75 cents!) and cotton pants that are a short step up from sweatpants. It turns out to be just fine, although my ears got a little numb. I warmed up pretty quick and had a really great time!
The canal towpath is a great trail along a canal. Trees block the wind, and you are away from  cars so it is a little respite from the city. After about two miles I found a little park that included a lake with a rugged trail that went around it - very natural. Bumped into a couple with their dogs that had to ford a stream to continue their walk. The guy was barefoot and putting his shoes back on! I could only guess that he carried his wife on his back across the maybe 8 foot wide creek!
Then I climbed a hill and discovered the Indianapolis Museum of Art which is a beautiful campus of many very nice buildings. Lots of trails around them, so I am just running around checking it out. Nobody is around. It was awesome! It is part of what they call 100 Acre park - lots of trails. Who knew? I felt like I lucked out finding this little treasure on my first try.
Beautiful sunset, but then it got chillier real quick and I hurried back to my car before it got too dark. No cooldown, no water, just hop in, and drive back to the hotel.
Now I may have to do the treadmill Thursday since my only time left open is early Thursday AM and I don't fancy a run in the dark and cold around airport hotels. But I want to get my 4 runs in this week. Already thinking about doing 5x1 mile on Saturday!
And how about that Stanford victory?! Dang, that was impressive! I am a proud alum.

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  1. That does explain your odd fascination for that horrible color.

    Good job on finding that park. I would have figured out a way to get inside the fence at the IMS and run around there. I won't ever get to drive there, but by gum, it would be fun to run that track.

    Oh, and our wayward friend from Texas has turned back up, so you are no longer a suspect. At least in HER disappearance.