Saturday, January 18, 2014

Feels Like The First Time

It started out a little awkward. The body was not reacting properly. It had been so long! But soon I got warmed up and started to remember how everything worked. I started to get into that regular rhythm. The breathing got heavy. I started to get sweaty and stinky. There may have been some moaning and groaning. But soon the endorphins were flowing and a big smile was on my face. Yes, I ran today!

After 40 days without, I put 3 miles into the spreadsheet today. The heel has very slowly gotten better. The pain is not quite gone, but it's very manageable. For the last two weeks or so I have been wearing these things
heel seats
in my shoes all day long. And it really helps. Also I have been stretching the PF a lot by pulling my toes back, and stretching and sticking my calves and achilles. It's a gradual process, but I am seeing progress.
Enough so I decided to try and run on it. For my 3 miles, I barely felt the heel, so that made it a success. But, DANG, I have really lost my fitness! It was hard work just to jog at 9+ pace, and I stopped to walk twice for a breather. But who cares. I was happy to be running, and happy that the heel wasn't complaining.

Now 6 hours later, the heel is bitching a bit. But I think I can deal with it. I will just continue my routines, and add miles very slowly. I'm thinking another 3 on Tuesday after two days rest, and then maybe 4 or 5 next weekend if the pain is staying low. Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, I have been biking a lot. I got the road bike out for the first time in 2 1/2 years on Thursday, and it felt good to go fast and work hard. The heel has no problem with biking! So I'm going to do 20 miles tomorrow before football. I'm thinking maybe this is the year I do another triathlon. I noticed that my best running was the year right after my heavy triathlon training. Since I can't run too much for now, I might as well do more cross-training! Staying positive!

And of course, the Loop is coming to visit in two weeks for Surf City. Well, about a dozen or so anyway. Looking forward to another great loopfest!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

I may not be running, but I still have goals

I've been scarce around these parts lately, because when you're not running, there's not much to say that isn't just depressing. But I still read. And dream. Although the near future is dark and dreary, I still have high hopes that 2014 will be a good, nay, a great year!

Let's see what's on my wish list...

Assuming I get back into it sometime by Spring, I plan to be at the next major Loopfest - Flying Pig in Cincinnati on May 4!

But wait, before that is Surf City on Feb 2nd. I'm going to pick up my bib and shirt. Maybe I'll run a little. I certainly won't run the whole 13 and set myself back like I did at Rehoboth. But my bib should get me into the beer garden. And I have ten loopsters crashing at my pad, so the weekend should be full of amazing!

The rest of the year is full of possibilities, but nothing definite yet. But look at these options!

Late June - Western States 100, crewing or pacing some lucky loopster - TBD! Possibly after doing Double Dipsea the day before.

July - Tahoe Trail 100 - again, crewing or pacing perhaps

August - Hood to Coast - OK that IS definite! Team Awesome Loop All-Stars will be tearing up Oregon!

October - I hope to do the Skyline to Sea 50K through the Redwood forests near Santa Cruz

November - I am in the NYCM lottery. You never know... I am also planning our annual golf trip in Santa Barbara with a half marathon along the coast there.

Other than that, if training goes well I would like to do a marathon in the fall. Not sure where. And who knows where I may just drop in for loop-meets? Shamrock? Boston? Marshall? Rehoboth?

As for goal times...Well, I'm going to just forget about that for now. I haven't trained since September so it will be a slow return to form. Not expecting any PRs. Going to enjoy running for fun this year. More goat runs, more trails, more cross training. I have a goal to beat my record annual bike mileage, which shouldn't be too hard.

As for the PF. It is still stubbornly not going away. Very slowly it gets better, but I am going to wait until the pain is really gone before I test it. Well, nearly gone. I don't know. I change my mind daily. Probably at least two more weeks before I do a test run.

Enjoy your runs!