Saturday, January 22, 2011

A little break can help

Last week I burned myself out a bit. 40 miles for the week was a new high but I was on tired legs for the last 3 runs. So I decided this (past) week I would take it down just a notch. Instead of 4 runs, I would do 3 (Hey, I still have to stay somewhat on track! I got a marathon in 8 weeks!) Tuesday I did my usual group run, but I took it easy and averaged 9:05. Still, my legs were tired and I felt like . So I took off Wednesday and Thursday and by Friday I was optimistic - my legs were showing signs of life. When I am running up the stairs in my house involuntarily, it is a good sign. So I guess I deserved a little break. This was the first time I had gone 2 days without running in 4 weeks!

So Friday night I planned speedwork! Because I was well rested! So 4 x 1 at 10K pace - total of 8 miles. I figured 7:15 pace, but knew I could probably do better than that. From the first steps of the run I knew I felt a lot better - the zip was back! After a 1.3 mile warmup I jumped into #1. It took a little while to find the pace, but I did, and by the 2nd half I was under pace and feeling good. First mile 7:10. 1/2 mile cooldown and then #2 was 7:08.

The weather was perfect for a 6:30PM run - cool but not cold, no wind, about 55 degrees. 3rd repeat I felt even better and finished in 7:00. During my next cooldown a guy passed me and acted all cocky with his perfect form and football player body. Or maybe I was projecting my feelings. Anyway I almost said "Catch you later", knowing full well I would be burning by him in a few minutes, but I restrained myself. So then I start #4, pass the dude, and then check my watch for pace - 6:23! Oops! Better take it down a little. It's nice when 7 minute pace feels like I am holding back. Get to the end and put a little burst on to finish in 6:58. So a total avg of 7:04. Very encouraging, mainly because I wasn't really working that hard and felt good. I am looking forward to a 10K in 2 weeks because I think I can take down my and sfschas' PR from last year.

So a rest day today, and then I'm looking at 13 miles tomorrow, with the last 7 at Marathon pace (8:05).

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