Thursday, January 27, 2011

Speed Work Wednesday

I am trying to push my boundaries a little more this year, so last night I set out to do three 2-mile intervals at 7:30 pace with 1/2 mile jogs in between. Add in one mile before and after and that's 9 total miles! After a work day! My 10K PR pace is 7:15, so this one would be a good challenge. I was actually nervous all day thinking about it - almost like race day nervous!

First mile warmup - 8:39 A little fast, but I felt OK and started speeding up early. Decided to run these progressively faster. So 7:40 for the first 2, 7:30 for the next two, and 7:20 (if possible!) for the last two.

First two - Had some trouble finding the right pace, since I am used to shorter, faster intervals. Too fast at first, then I eased off too much and was close to 8. But with the constant help of G, I eventually dialed it in. First mile 7:47. Second mile 7:25. Avg: 7:36

1/2 mile @9:24 pace

Next two - Jumped right in and found 7:30 pace. Felt pretty good. Comfortably fast, but not too hard. Glad when it was over though! 7:32 and 7:28 Avg 7:30

1/2 mile @ 9:35 Enjoying the trot, but ready to get going again after 1/4 mile!

Last two - Felt so good I started too fast, close to 7, and had to dial it back. Then I started to tire and 7:20 seemed too hard. Legs starting to get heavy. But in the last mile I found a little adrenaline and knowing the end was near, pushed it a little harder. 7:28, and 7:20. Avg 7:24

Mile cooldown in 9:36. Phew!
Felt pretty tired, but not bad, considering all the work! Total average speed miles - exactly 7:30!

I had enough energy to do a little banana dance for the wife when I got home. (Oh stop it) Now I plan to take it easy until Sunday's 20 miler, and then get ready for the 10K next week. I'm thinking maybe 7:10 pace is do-able. PR is going down!

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  1. Sounds great. Best wishes for the 20 and looking forward to your new PR RR. Smash it Bangle