Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 - More Epic Shit

These year-end reviews are fun, because they remind me how many crazy good times I have in my life. At first I thought 2015 was meh, because I was partially injured for half the year. But when I looked back, I realized I still managed to compile quite the list of epic happenings; PRs, bucket list races, loopfests...
So let's get started.
January was the best month of the year. 200 miles of marathon training as I was getting into BQ shape for LA in March. The graph below shows that the rest of the year was not so great. Foot pain caused me six months of under 100 miles as I cut back and took time off in fruitless attempts to heal. Gradually it healed anyway, and I returned to form in the Fall. In the meantime I discovered biking and piled up 1,000 miles for the year, tripling my previous high.
February 1st, I raced the local Super Bowl 10K, and managed an AGPR of 42:58. Best time in over 12 years.
 20150201_090628 - Copy
Then I traveled to Miami to run my first Ragnar with a bunch of strangers. By the time we hit Key West 200 miles later, we were good friends!
ragnar 015
My foot was starting to bother me though, so the last few weeks of marathon training got curtailed. And then a heat wave hit, so the LA marathon was the hottest ever. I tried to ease off, but the heat got to me as I bonked big-time.
Still, I finished in 3:53, after being on 3:30 pace for 20 miles. Any marathon finish is a win, right?
Then I took some time off to try to heal, but I was already signed up for the Cherry Blossom 10 mile in DC. I went and had a great time meeting a bunch of loopsters and seeing all the sights, and the race went really well too, considering. 7:14 pace got me a 1:08 on the short course.
From there I jetted up to Boston, mainly to hang with Loopsters, especially these three.
42415 044
I didn't run, but I got to cheer them on and celebrate.
By late June I was doing some running and did a beach 5K in the sand in 21:40. Fast enough to win a cookie.
Followed that up on July 4th with another 5K in 21:06 with the help of a friendly pacer.
Still mostly biking and wishing my feet felt better all summer. But I had committed to another Ragnar. This one in Washington state. More beautiful views, good times, and new friends made. Ran pretty well too.
Finally the feet got with the program and I was back to regular training in September. Slowly I increased the mileage. In October I did our local 10K. Not quite up to my standards, but I was happy with a 45:07.
12141068_10207868737261064_8794603555668328519_o - Copy
In November I squeezed a 10K trail race into my golf vacation in Napa. And won my age group.
By Thanksgiving, I was rounding into shape, and managed to beat my PR at the 3-mile Turkey Trot, in 20:10.
Then it was on to Rehoboth. Loved seeing so many Loopsters. And loved being able to race a half in good weather. Dueled with Ken and finished strong for a 1:37:27. I'm back!
And there was much celebrating...
12311210_10203846432441129_1084224831745603575_nrb15 012
 So I finished the year today with an awesome 20-miler.  1255 miles for the year. Longest run since March. And I averaged sub-8 with the last 12 at 7:40 pace. Feeling pretty confident for my next marathon in six weeks.
Happy New Year, everyone! Here's to an awesome 2016!