Monday, June 2, 2014

Getting in Shape is Fun

Another solid week in the books! Being not injured and cranking up the miles is making me a happy runner!

So allow me to brag a little.

The week started with Memorial Day Monday, when I had an 8 mile recovery run after the previous day's 14. Tuesday I rested and Wednesday I was back to the track for speed work.

I just love the way those red lines fill up the track. And the pace chart makes it easy to remember the workout!

After warmup, we started with 4 laps of 250 hard, 150 jog, gradually increasing the speed. Then coach asked for 1600 at 5K pace. I responded with a 6:42 that felt good.

Then he had us do 4 x 400 at "mile" pace with only 100 yard cooldowns (and a little resting). To me, that means pretty close to full speed. Controlled sprinting. I knocked out 4 in 86, 85, 88 and 87. And was feeling pretty tired.

I figured another mile or 800 was coming, but coach said 5K PACE! Uh, no. I am not ready for that yet. I figured, well maybe a little slower. But after one lap at 7:10ish my legs were shot, and I wasn't motivated, so I bailed, jogged a lap, and then decided to do 1 mile on my own at tempo pace, which turned out to be about 7:40. Good enough for today.

Thursday I had my weekly gym workout, and Friday I rested, because I had a big weekend planned.

Saturday is Mountain Goat day. Our group had a nice challenge planned. We would run the course of a trail half marathon that is next week. Instead of paying $75 for a shirt and a medal, we could run it for free without the crowds. Sounds good to me. It was all on fire roads, and was basically all up or down. The day turned out sunny and warm, just for a little extra challenge. I was rarin' to go!
There was about 30 of us. But only 3 people ended up running the whole thing. After three miles I was in front by myself. So that was kind of fun...being in front. Luckily our two fastest guys didn't show up. I wasn't racing. But I wasn't dawdling either. Only had a few walk breaks. Here is the first hill.

Over 2,000 feet of climb, 13.8 miles on the Garmin. 9:41 pace included about 2 minutes for a water refueling/bathroom break. And I saw a coyote trot across the trail only 10 yards in front of me.
I struck a pose here for our resident photographer.

Finished exhausted and thirsty, but not too bad considering. Spent the afternoon recovering and napping, and then had a party to go to, where a few margaritas helped prepare me for Sunday.

Sunday morning was sunny and warm again, so I got out early (8ish) for some more miles. Originally I hoped for 10 or 11, but as I started I thought 7 would be good. I was pretty sluggish in mile 1 and 2, but then I started to feel better as I went along. By mile 4 I decided I could do 8, and by mile 5 I opted to do the full 11. Somehow my body slipped into running mode and it felt natural and good and like I could do it all day. Apparently I am getting into shape. The Garmin battery failed me so I JFR'd. Yet I kept up a solid pace. I would guess I was around 8:15 for the last 5. I was topless and happy and enjoying the beauty of the beach.

So! 39.7 miles for the week. Best week in 52 weeks!
135 miles for the month. Best month in 14 months!
A little achy and sore, but only the good kind. Excited to keep building on this base. No races until July so June should be a solid month to add endurance.

Life is good.

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