Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kinvara 5 Trial => Tempo Tuesday

Happy Running Day everybody!

Yesterday Saucony came to our LRS and had the new Kinvara and Mirage to test out. I wanted to try the Mirage, but they didn't have my size, so I settled for testing the new Kinvara 5. Currently I run in the Saucony Cortana for long runs, Saucony Peregrine for trails, and Saucony Kinvara 2 for speed. Yes, I'm committed to Saucony lately, because they're working for me.

I've loved the Kinvaras (2 and 3) through 4 pair, but they are a little snug in the toebox. So I was happy to find the Kinvara 5 were a little wider in the midfoot and toebox. It was definitely noticeable and it felt great! The lace tightener felt a little odd on the side when I put it on, but it was not a problem while running. I knocked out 7 miles and they felt good the whole way. So I give the Kinvara 5 a big thumbs up!

For you numbers geeks and split stalkers...
I went out comfortable but came through mile 1 in 8:27 - faster than usual. I figured it would be a fast day, because it always is when I test light shoes. Plus I felt good after a rest day so I planned to make it a tempo. So I let myself flow with the easy speed that the shoes were giving me. Mile 2 was 7:45. And then it just got faster. 7:35, 7:38, 7:34 and 7:26 for a 5 mile tempo at 7:35 pace! And it felt relatively comfortable too - I wasn't dying. So I was very happy with that.

Enjoy your run today!

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