Friday, June 13, 2014

I've Been Running

Nothing monumental this week (yet), but I feel the need to check in.

I just ran 3 days in a row. No big deal for you streakers, but for me, a guy who is pretty impressed with himself for getting 4 runs per week in for 4 weeks in a row, well, kind of a big deal. First 3 day streak since September. So today I rest.

Tuesday was Mizuno day at the LRS. But all they had were neutral trainers (Wave Riders). Nothing with low drop or light weight. But I figured what the heck. I could save putting miles on my own shoes. So I tried them.

OMG! I hadn't run in big-heeled heavy shoes in 3 years or more. They really felt odd. And heavy! It was just an easy run day, so I went out easy. But dang! These shoes made the run feel like a lot more work than it should have been! My pace was a good 30 seconds slower than normal. The feet were comfortable, but I felt sluggish and slow. No, thank you!

Anyway, 6.4 miles done, with hills. Moving on.

Wednesday was track day with speedy club. Back in the Kinvaras! Wheeee!

1 mile warmup, then 4 laps of straights and curves to get the speed muscles warmed up. Then 3 400s. I was able to restrain myself to the suggested paces and ran 1:40, 1:30, 1:25.

Then we ran 1200s. Goal was first lap at 10K pace, 2nd lap at 5K pace, 3rd lap at Mile pace. After an 85 second quarter, it was hard to cut back to 10K pace, but I managed to do laps in 1:43, 1:38 and 1:30.

Then we did it again with similar results. And then one more time. I was flaming out by this point and took it down a notch or two, but survived, and then called it a day. The hard core runners did 3 more 400s. I did a mile cool down instead. 7 miles total.

Thursday I didn't feel too bad so decided to add in 8 more miles on my wood chip trail. Wore my trail shoes that are about to be retired. I planned to go easy, but I guess yesterday wore me out, because it was tough sledding the whole way. The wood chips are thick and loose and it makes for a tough workout. I was both tired and sore in various spots - ankle, hip, groin, feet, back. Plus I had to make a pit stop with Abby issues. All in all, a crappy run.

But I got it done! 8.2 more miles in the spreadsheet. 21.6 miles in 3 days. More hay in the barn. Today I rest, for tomorrow I am going 16.

I hope you all have a great weekend of running!

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