Friday, May 23, 2014

Back on Track

It has been eight months since I ran with my speedy track group. Last summer I started up with a club that does track work every Wednesday. Lots of intervals with 20-30 other fast people (mostly faster than me). It was great, but I think I overdid it, and when PF sidelined me I blamed the track work (at least partly) and stayed away as I recovered.

Well I have been running well for over 3 months now, and the PF is mostly gone, so it was time to get back there. I told myself I would be good and not do the full workout. My goals this year are mainly to get ready for marathons, not break 5K PRs. But speed work is still good for me. And fun.

The club leader, or coach, has us warmup and then tells us what to do, one interval at a time, so we don't know what else is coming. But it always adds up to about 8 miles, including warmup and cool downs. I felt good on warm up. I was hoping for some mile repeats. Nope. First up, 400 at 5K pace.

Off we go, and I run 1:37, or 6:30 pace. A little fast, but it felt good. Quick 100 meter jog, and we do another 400 at 5K pace. I push a little harder and run 1:32, 6:08 pace. Oops! Fun though. Short cool down, and now another 400 at MILE pace. So I push pretty hard. Boom! 1:24. 5:36 pace. And then another one. I'm feeling a bit fatigued now and run 1:27. 5:48 pace. 1 lap jog.

Well, that was fun! I guess I still have some speed despite the long layoff. Next up, 4 laps at 5K pace. Gulp. OK, just a solid mile repeat. I figure to shoot for sub-7. I find I am running with and competing with the same people I ran with last year. Good solid run and I finish strong with a 6:36!

Wow, OK! Pretty tired now and my hip is tight and the feet hurt a little. I do some stretching, and think about quitting. But I jog up for the next one. He says another 1600 at 5K pace, with the 2nd half faster than the first. Hmm, OK, I'll start out slower and just take it easy... Yeah, right. After a slowish first 200, my competitive urges kick in and I am back up to sub-7 pace. And I pick it up even more for the last 800 and finish with 6:40.

OK, that's enough. I do some jogging and stretching and skip the rest, which turned out to be 2 more 400s and an 800. One really fast guy led the group. He was doing 400s in 61 and miles in 4:40! I got lapped on both my miles.

Feet hurt a lot right after, but today they are fine, so that's good. Feeling pretty positive! Looking forward to a 14 miler Sunday, where I will be joined by ShaunP45 who will be in town for the weekend. Mini-Loopmeet!

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