Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thankful for TWO PRs today! A TTRR

Today was our local Turkey Trot - A nice 3 Miler (NOT a 5K) that is in its 31st year and draws over 3,000 people. Lots of walkers, dogs, families, etc. But also high school cross county teams running together for fun and the usual serious runners. It is a fun race, and the course is flat (and fast!) No chips, no scoring or placing. So Mr. G would be my official time.
Last night I pulled up my race spreadsheet to see what my course record is. This is my 7th time running this race since 1999, but I found out that my best time was 22:07 from 4 years ago! That is only 7:22 pace, and I have been under 7 for 5K's lately, so despite my post pikermi fatigue, I realized I'd better go get that course record! Not only that, but I haven't run any other 3 mile races since High school cross country, so this could be a true lifetime PR for a 3 mile road race!
So I plotted to go out at 7:30 pace and then pick it up and felt pretty confident!
This morning broke cold, but clear. Near record lows for the area - temps in the low 40s. Perfect for racing! I got down to shorts and a T and did a nice long warmup. Went two whole miles - I don't think I've ever done such a long warmup, but I wanted to get in a few more miles, and work out the kinks since I haven't run since Sunday's Pikermi. Plus it was COLD and the warmup really, well, warmed me up!
Bang! Off we went, and I felt good. Too good apparently as G showed me a 6:23 after about 0.2. Eased off a bit, and found a comfortably fast pace. But I was still in the 6:40's through half a mile. So I readjusted the goals, and decided I could go for sub 7 pace. Went through mile 1 in 6:46. Yes! Feeling good!
I got to run with and pass a couple guys from my running group, and that helped with the motivation. Mile 2 I was staying strong, and went through in 6:53. Coming into mile 3 the pain was picking up, and the legs were getting heavy, but I still had some acceleration in me. It was an out and back course and I was still going by slow walkers with only 1/4 mile to go! Huge parade of people! A really fun festive environment.
Finished strong with mile 3 in 6:40 for a final time of 20:27! (3.02 miles) PR by 1:40!
I want to talk about the feeling in that first minute after the finish line. It is a combination of complete exhaustion as I gasp for air, along with a happy sense of accomplishment. Of course there is pain, but there is also elation. As the pain fades and the endorphins continue, it is one of the best feelings. Everyone around is going through it as well, even if we aren't talking, there is a sense of camaraderie and shared awesomeness. I don't feel I'm explaining it well enough, but I love that minute.
That 2nd PR, you may ask? Well today's 5 miles put my 2010 total to 872 miles - over last year's total, making it my highest year since 1981, so that's an age-group PR for yearly miles. Boo-yah!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am ready for some well earned feasting!


  1. And, since you don't strike me as the type that will lay off the month of December, you will have even more miles to rack up on that PR...

    Way to crush the three miler.

  2. Oh my gosh!!!! So dang fast, absolutely breathtaking.

    Hope you get your 1000. =)