Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Halloween Pictorial Tribute to my Dear Wife

My wife's favorite holiday is today, so I will honor her by showing you some of her greatest hits. Not all of these are from Halloween. She delights in dressing up for her day job, at a primary school. Any reason is good enough to dress up.
She is not the girl that picks out the "Sexy Nurse" or the "Sexy Kitten" costumes. In fact it seems like nothing remotely sexy ever comes out of the dressing room. The more hideous the better. And then she "accents" it with facial grotesquery.
Our first Halloween she went as the "before" picture for Extreme Makeover, and I got big points for just admitting I was her date all night long and not slipping out the back door and making a run for it.
So without further ado - my lovely wife!
Ready to do the thriller dance!
Did I mention she was from Kentucky?
Just frightening.
Looks like the Cat got into a bottle.
OK, that's kind of sexy...
One trashy zombie!
Very groovy!
Who's that guy?
What's that, a smile?
Just for fun
What a turkey!
What a joker!
My favorite costume!
I love you, honey!

1 comment:

  1. Hahahaha!!! That was AWESOME!! What fun to be able to dress up for work. Loved the col.Sanders/chicken combination. =) The Joker Rawked. Love the sobriety checkpoint. Looks like you pass in spades. Your wife...not so much. =D

    Hey!! You got married in August! What a great month to get married. All the best people are born/married in August.