Monday, November 8, 2010

Loopfest part 2 - cause I got more to say

Picture this. You're at a party and you're chatting with Zamgirl about her awesome marathon. Then you turn to your side and talk with running chick about getting to watch a race filled with your best friends. Then you grab some awesome home made cookies from Slake and watch her goof around with Greg and a bunch of loop kids in the back yard. Then maybe you turn and chat with senior runner or atombuddy about the race they ran together, or peek in on sfschas who is working the room like nobody's business, handing out Yuenglings. Then you spend some time with the awesomeness that is mildsauce, who is not quite as crazy in person, but has an artist's gift with facial expression, and thankfully does not make up nearly as many words while speaking as when she is writing. Then maybe you listen to evansjamie talk about finishing her FIRST pikermi, or bask in the real glow of Alice's 600-watt smile. Throw in the pleasure of meeting loop spouses and hearing other sides of their personalities. A little musical interlude with a master violinist and hostess. Look around and there's more loopers - King Coffee, Junblack, ShaunP, Erhead, everywhere you turn. It is head spinning! I feel like Tron entering the laptop and actually entering the mythical Loop. But it is real. Like going to a wax museum full of celebrities, but not only do they come to life, but they tell you they are your best friend.

That's what this weekend felt like.

And it just makes me want to meet all you other guys who weren't there: Ritz and Sara and Dave Schultz and Texas Dan and oh I could go on and on.

See ya.


  1. I sounds like it was a blast. I'm kinda jealous.

  2. *sigh* So wish I could have been there. It sounds absolutely wonderful.