Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Missing - One Mojo - Reward Offered

I'm starting to think 3 pikermis in 4 weeks is a bit more than I can handle.
Fresh off a very satisfactory pikermi on 10/24 (see report here), I had high hopes for a repeat performance two weeks later in West, by God, Virginia. But all of my runs since then I have felt sluggish. I rested three days, did an easy 4 on Thursday, then tried 9 on Saturday, and it was just dreadful! No fun, slow, wanted to quit. I managed to finish, but it wiped me out for the day.
Took two more days off and ran 7 last night, but again, I was sluggish, and it felt a lot harder than it should. I guess that is normal after a hard race that I wasn't exactly properly trained for. But for the week BEFORE a race, it just WILL NOT DO!
So I am trying to convince myself to just make it a fun run. Trot along with some loopers and enjoy myself. Sounds better than pushing myself, suffering alone the whole way and probably not getting a great time anyway. So, fellow loopfesters, please hold me to this strategy! Unless of course I feel mojo-rific after the first mile...
Trying to figure out what to wear in 31 degree temps. Dang cold! It is over 90 today in LA. Wish I could box up10-20 degrees and bring it with me.
If you find my mojo, the reward will be of equal karmic and monetary resale value as one black market mojo.

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous strategy and oh so much more fun. Hope your mojo returns with full force - but not enough to make you run miserably alone. Wouldn't it be more fun to run with loopsters and bask in their awesomeness?

    In other news, we discovered what it was about your blog that the network didn't like. It was the first four letters of your name. So we removed that particular block. Still can't see the photos though as they're from RW. Oh well, one can't have it all, can one?

    Now if we could only figure out what it was about flickr that the network doesn't like...