Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Super Sunday is for Running

I love traditions. And racing. And the race I have done the most is the Redondo Beach Super Bowl 10k. The one coming up this Sunday will be my 20th time running it in the last 30 years. So I thought I would jog down memory lane.

The race is the biggest in our area, usually about 6,000 people between the 5K and 10K. The course is beautiful, with much of it along the beach.

A lot of people wear costumes, and it is very festive.

And there is an awesome post-race beer garden at this little spot, just steps from the finish. Lots of people do the race just to hang at the beer garden.

Here is the filtered list from my race spreadsheet.


1986: No, that is not a typo. Worst race of my life. I had some MAJOR intestinal traumas going on, and had to pull off in mile 3 and find a toilet. A bar/restaurant was open at 8AM and mostly empty, but the Mens room was out of order, so I hopped in to the Ladies. Desperate times. It was just one toilet, so I could lock myself in. And I spent about 15 minutes in there, doing unspeakable things. Finally I emerged, and there was a lady waiting... Sorry... I got back on the course, but still couldn't run, and ended up walking the rest of the way back and trying to avoid disaster in my pants. So, 95 minute 10K! I jogged in to the finish amongst the last straggling walkers and the announcer said "2nd time through?". Uh, no.

1987, 1989: Clearly I was not training too much in the late 80's.

1991: 42:12 - This is still my course record. I am shooting for it this year, 24 years later. If you told my 28-year old self that my 52-year old self would be chasing him down, I'm not sure what he would think. Hopefully he would be impressed.

1994 - 1998: This race has a separate start for the Baby Jogger division. About 50-80 people pushing babies. It is ten minutes before the regular start. So I got to avoid the crowds, and got to see the leaders blow by me in the final miles. Lots of fun. So I pushed my boy for 5 straight years.

TC 006TC 007
2004, 2008: There is also a 5K, and I did that twice, both times running along side my son this time, at ages 10 and 14.

2010: In one of the first Loop Meets, sfschas came out to run this race with me. There was much trash talk and build up, and we raced hard, just to end up finishing side by side.

2011: My 2nd best course time, 44:16, was an over-40 PR at the time.

Super 2011 022Super 2011 030
The last three years I have missed it, because Surf City is the same day, and Loopfests took priority. But this year Surf City didn't attract the masses, so I will get back to my tradition. The starting line is about 1 mile from my house, so it's a nice warm-up run. I will be shooting to beat the AGPR I set 8 weeks ago (43:08), and get under 43, and maybe take a run at my course record of 42:12.

Then I am hosting a Super Bowl party for the Loopsters that are around. J-Zee and Hoosier Ted are in town for Surf City, plus all the usual locals. Should be a fun weekend. Go Seahawks!

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