Monday, January 12, 2015

At Seventeen I Learned the Truth

For you youngsters, here is the soundtrack for this week's training bloop. None of the lyrics have anything to do with running, but my long run is At Seventeen (miles), so I thought of this song...

But I have a whole week of (awesome) runs to catch you up on. Warning, this bloop is filled with splits for running nerds and no pictures.

Last week went great, so I just hoped to keep the mojo rolling as I kept increasing the miles. Five runs, 48+ miles. I was going to keep raising the bar as long as my body was taking it.

Monday was rest day. Tuesday was my usual 7 mile group run. I didn't turn it into a tempo this time, but a nice little progression that finished strong. I was saving something for Wednesday.

 Wednesday is interval day. It was a bigger group than usual, maybe 40 people, which I blame on resolutionists. Fast group too! Everyone seemed to be faster than normal. Including me!

Intervals always makes for a nice pace chart.


Warmup, then some accelerations, and then 3x400. First two at 5K pace, then 1 fast one. I tend to go out a little fast, and then cruise to try and stay at the requested pace. But I always go too fast. 94, 94, 83!

Then we did 3x800; 10K pace, 5K pace, mile pace. After sprinting, 10K pace feels like jogging. Again I was too fast. 3:20, 3:07, 2:52!

That 2:52 is my fastest 800 since college. And it felt great! I could have gone faster.

Then we did a 1200, with two laps at 10K pace, and then a hard last lap. I came through 800 in 3:20, and did the last lap in 92. And that was it, other than some short accelerations. I still was ready for more! Feeling good!

Thursday I went out for a third day in a row for an easy 6. But I got caught up competing with a stranger who was ahead of me, and then after I passed him he stayed on my butt despite my acceleration...

Friday was a gym day, and then I got ready for a big weekend.

Saturday I skipped the mountain goat run and instead did 10.4 miles in my local hills. It was rainy but 55, so perfect for running. Plenty of challenging hills, but not so mountainous that I had to walk, so I maintained a pretty good clip, and was working it.

Still feeling strong! So Sunday would be 17+ on my flat course. Again it was misty/drizzly but not too cold. My body was tired, so I figured I wouldn't be able to match last week's awesome 16 with 8 at 7:44. But I hoped to stay sub-8 for the last half.

Well, I just started clipping along and the pace dropped, and it felt comfortable, so I kept pushing it. Damned if I didn't get faster this week. By the end I was tiring, but the pace was steady. No bonking. I think the cool weather helps some. And my Hoka Cliftons are still the bomb after 430 miles. And I guess I'm just getting into good shape. At seventeen I learned the truth. That I am going to kick some butt at my next marathon. I started calculating what 7:30 pace would get me...


Today I rest. This week will be more of the same. Can't wait.

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  1. Holy cow, that some good speedwork Brad! I love to see the numbers drop like that on the 17 miler. That's a nice progressive long run!