Monday, January 5, 2015

I Think '15 is Gonna be a Good Year

In case you're not already is the soundtrack for this bloop.

Last week was another series of awesome workouts which has me feeling overoptimistic. I even had to brave some bad weather.

Tuesday: It was cold and rainy for the evening run. OK, cold for us, maybe 45. I stepped out of my car into a 3" deep stream, so the feet were soaked from the get go. Only a small group of hard core runners showed up at the LRS for the Tuesday group run. I thought about running in my Boston jacket, but decided at the last minute to just go with a long sleeve t and shorts. Cold to start, but worked out fine. It was raining and a bit windy, but that just motivated me to run hard. So I did.

I was pretty well rested after a cutback week and a zero on Monday, so I decided to push it a little for a Tuesday Tempo. I had a running buddy to push me too, so I went out a little faster than normal, and then continued to push. By mile 4 I had lost him and it was just me vs. the elements. Lots of puddles to run through. I felt good and kept pushing more, while keeping it in control. By the last 2.5 miles I was at or under 7:30 and feeling strong!

That may be the best time ever on a Tuesday run!

Took Wednesday off for New Year's Eve, although I was in bed by 11.

Thursday was a holiday, so I got to get a daytime run in before settling in for 8 hours of football. Decided on my 9-mile hilly route and tried to take it easy. The usual fail at going slow. I just can't.

Still feeling good.

Friday I hit the gym, and Saturday was Mountain Goat day. We were still in our cold spell. It may have been below 40 as we headed up into the hills. Certain canyons certainly were cold, as there was still frost on the trail. Even one patch of ice! I tried to run on it, just to say I did, but it cracked and I didn't feel like wet feet so I hopped off.

11 1/2 miles, with over 2000 feet of elevation, and I was working it.


Which leads me to Sunday. I am building up for a marathon, so I have been doing doubles every weekend. Goat runs on Saturday and longer flat runs Sunday on tired legs. But I still want to hit marathon pace if I can. Without working too hard....

So I did 16+, and felt pretty decent from the beginning, and I let the ponies run.

7:44 average for the last 8! I'm kind of in shock at the improvements I'm making. Strong finish too. At this point I am ahead of where I was in 2012 when I BQ'd. Looking forward to seeing how far I can take this.

Another thing. I ran by several friends during the run. One from Tuesday group in mile 2. A friend from Wednesday track group in mile 4. Then a mountain goat at mile 8 and again at mile 13. The trifecta! All I needed was to spot a loopster. No luck. BUT, I heard a walker call my name, and it was Jacqueline Hansen (famous runner) who I now call a friend. Very cool.

So, Life is good! Looking forward to what this week has in store.

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