Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Odds and Ends

It's been a while. Nothing too exciting to post, but lots of little things...

1. Training - It is slow going, but I am trying to work myself back into shape. I finished February with 80 miles, which is almost as much as the last 4 months combined. I feel slow and I'm breathing harder than I think I should have to, but...getting there.

2. Trails - I did my first run with my trail running group, the Mountain Goats, since October. It was great to get back out on the dirt and the hills. Managed to cover ten miles and climb a mountain, but it was tough on me, so I skipped the next week. Hope to be back this week.

3. The PF - Well, I am living with it. Running through it. It doesn't hurt on the runs. It nags a bit later in the day and the next day. I am trying to be better about the exercises. I'm going to keep running as long as it doesn't get worse.

4. Weight - I joined the Loopville weight loss challenge, and another one at work simultaneously. I am at 162 and aiming for 155 by May 1st. I definitely want to shed this tire that is slowing me down. Starting to get a little more serious about what I stick in my pie hole. I CAN DO IT!

5. The LA Marathon is this weekend, and I signed up to volunteer at a water station at mile 10, on Hollywood Boulevard. Should be a beautiful day - 75 - glad I am not running it this year! Too warm. But it will be great to be part of it and watch the 25,000 people go by.

6. I put the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim back on the calendar for Sept 27. That will follow a busy summer of pacing at Western States 100, the Hood to Coast relay, and maybe crewing at the Waldo 100K. And if all goes well, I hope to add a marathon in there somewhere this Fall.

7. My big goal at the moment is the Flying Pig Half. Hoping to get enough speed back to get under 1:40, which is the same goal I have given Peg. So we have a little competition going. That helps push me...

8. Speed work - I have yet to run anything fast since my downtime started in October. But I have a 5K in 12 days, so I am going to do a little 2x1 mile workout tonight, and see if I am capable of sub-7 pace. Just getting to 8 minute pace has been tough on training runs, but intervals are a whole different beast, so I'll see what this old body is capable of at the moment, and let you know...

Have a good run today!

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