Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Little Speed

So Tuesday was my return to speed work. With a 5K coming next week I wanted to see what kind of pace I could muster. I went to my normal group run, and decided to go out easy for 3 miles, then turn back, 1 fast mile, 1/2 mile rest, 1 fast mile, 1/2 mile jog in. I hoped to be close to 7 minute pace. That was the plan anyway...

I decided to also break out the Kinvaras for the first time since October, so I would be testing if those hurt my feet more than my heavier Cortanas. I wore my heel pads though.

First mile was leisurely, but, as often happens on these group runs, I got sucked into running with my peers, and the pace picked up. I was helpless to resist. So miles 1-3 were 8:51, 8:02, 8:07. It was NOT conversational pace, as I was gasping while talking. During mile 3 I thought, well maybe just make this a tempo run...But I tried to relax and slow down, and stuck with the plan. Should have been closer to 9 minute pace, but whatever. I was already tired.

Before the turnaround, I felt the need for a pit stop. Luckily there was a beach restroom right there at mile 2.95, so I took a short sit-down break, caught my breath, and got ready to really push it.

It felt good to run fast. I love it. Like a weight is lifted from me, and I can just GO! For a minute or two. Then my body starts to say, "Hey...wait a minute, I need more oxygen here fella..." First check at pace showed 7:11. Not bad, I could hold that and pick it up in the 2nd half... A little later I check and I am at 6:53. Whoa, howdy! I am happy that I can still run fast! But I try to dial it back a bit. Long way to go.

I held on fine though and managed to push it hard toward the end and finish with a 6:46! Alright, alright, alright! I walk a little and then trot while getting my breath back. Legs are heavy, but, shoot, I just ran 6:46! Feeling pretty good! After 1/2 mile I am ready to go again.

I hit the Garmin and take off. Feels good. After about a tenth, I check the watch, and it is not moving!!!!  Apparently I forgot where the lap button was in the last 4 months! So instead of lap I hit stop, and had to start the timer up again. So this one would be a little long. Great.

Anyway, it definitely felt harder this time. I was hanging right near 7:00 pace and it was WORK. The last 1/4 mile seemed to take forever (since it was over a mile after all), but I hung tough and held pace and finished with 6:55. Man, I was exhausted. But happy. I guess I still have a little speed left after all. Not the sub 6:30s I could do 6 months ago, but not bad at all. And my feet didn't bother me, so that's good.

And I get to run here, in 60 degree temps.


Life is good.

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  1. You and I are Garmin twins! I fail on the lap button about every other speed session I do. Nice to see you running fast again :) Best wishes with the 5k!