Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pushing that Rock Back Up the Hill

Yes, I am feeling like Sisyphus lately. In case you are not up on your Greek legends, Sisyphus was punished with the task of having to push a big rock up a hill, only to have it roll back down to the bottom where he had to do it again, over and over, forever. This guy.

As you longtime runners know, this is a pretty good metaphor for our training cycles. We work and work and get faster and faster, and then something happens - an injury usually, or just some downtime - and the rock rolls down the hill, and we have to get back in shape all over again.

I was near the top of the hill in 2012. I was running faster than I thought possible. Got my BQ and many other PRs. And then my knees started whining and complaining and I had to take some downtime. Early 2013 I started back up the hill and got in pretty good shape and was running some good races...and then my feet started hurting, and plantar fasciitis kicked that rock back down the hill.

So now I am back at it. Pushing that rock back up. Seems like it gets bigger every year. Or maybe it's me getting older. But at least I am seeing some progress. That rock and I are moving up. And I have some goals up top I want to get to.

Since my triumphant Surf City pikermi, the foot has only been complaining mildly, so I am back into 3 days a week of running. Last week I did 5 Tuesday, 6 Thursday, and 8.2 Sunday. Pace is slow, but I'm not too frustrated, because I'm really just happy to be out there. I know if I keep running, the conditioning will come back. I'm looking forward to re-joining my mountain goat group next week. And hopefully back with the speedy track-work group by March.

Meanwhile I have been cross-training. I managed to have my best month of biking ever in January, with 124 miles. I am looking at breaking my record annual biking mileage of 344 miles this year. I am almost half way there already! Still considering getting back in the pool and doing a triathlon this year too.

Yes, that rock will always be there. And I will always be pushing on it. Because that's what we do.

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