Friday, January 27, 2012

2012 is starting out FAST

Catching up on some old posts. This one is from Jan 3rd.

I did a nice 12 miler on New Years Day. That qualifies as a cutback week for me after 18+ last week. It's nice when you can treat 12 miles as an easy day. Took yesterday off, and then got in some speed work this morning before heading to the airport.

Today's plan was 4x1 mile intervals with 1/2 mile cool-downs. I did this workout 3 weeks ago and averaged 6:49, amazing myself with how easy it felt. So today I vowed to push my limits harder and run under 6:40.

Felt pretty good on the first one and finally locked in on a good pace and finished with 6:44. Definitely working harder. Usually my miles just get faster as I get warmed up and today was no exception.

Second mile I was feeling better and accelerated the last 1/2 to finish in 6:36. Took the cooldown pretty slow, and then was right back into #3.

Third mile was work. But it was fun work as my legs still felt good. I was huffing and puffing pretty hard by the end though, like the end of a 5K. 6:30!

Now I was really tired, and walked a little, and had trouble feeling ready for #4, but when G said go, I had to go. The legs got a little heavy and weren't responding as well anymore. Still I really wanted to get one under 6:30, so I was pushing it hard. But I couldn't quite get there. 6:37

Phew! felt good about my effort, and great about a 6:37 average for the 4 miles. Didn't leave anything on the table this time.

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