Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 - A Year Filled with Osom

It is the end of the year and time to celebrate with a look back. It was a fantastic year for me, filled with loop meets, PRs, and magic moments.

First up was a 10K in Redondo where i started a trend by letting the magic gold loopsterfest shirt carry me to a new PR of 44:16.

Next up was the LA marathon, where a heavy downpour just kept me cool and I cruised to a 3:44.

In April I did the Hermosa 5K and just missed another PR with 21:17.

May brought the hilly Palos Verdes Pikermi and I was happy to survive with a 1:43.

My training was working and in June I ran the downhill Fontana Pikermi to an unbelievable 1:32:42! A 7 minute PR!

Summer brought triathlon training and then a series of loop meetups. First up was a meet with TO Superstar in Nebraska where we both earned AG medals and I ran what should have been a PR, but the course was long. In our boxers.

The next week I met up with AtomBuddy and JunBlack back home and I finally crushed my 5K PR with a 20:20. I then celebrated by running the 10K a few minutes later. We all medaled!

And then the following week, I met up with aschmid3 at the ridiculously hard Bulldog 25K trail run. Yes, she chicked me, but revenge was mine in Philly.

September brought my first Olympic distance triathlon in Malibu and I finished strong and happy.

In October I ran another 10K in Manhattan Beach, just missing my PR by 7 seconds on a tougher course. I also met up with loopster IMustBeBananas.

Then I traveled to Kentucky and managed to work in runs with lawrenceaa and my WV loopies, sfschas and runningchick.

Next I had a real breakthrough race at the LA RNR Pikermi, running a 1:35:37 (on a flat course). I was flying!

So I figured I better go ahead and beat that in Philly 3 weeks later. Which I did, with another stunning PR of 1:34:42.
Oh, and I met a few loopsters there too. Best Time of Your LIfe Indeed.

After that, I've done a couple 5Ks on Thanksgiving and Christmas in 21 something, which would have been PRs two years ago, but now qualify as tempos.
Had one last meetup here in CA with JCRunner in December. Too many meetups to count after Philly.

Numbers: With two runs to go, I will be going over 1,300 miles. This will be my best year since 1980. Check out these last 7 years:
2005            225
2006            387
2007            455
2008            607
2009            870
2010          1,015
2011          1,303
I also biked 344 miles and swam 15.4 miles. 14 races. 6 AGPRs. Many, many fantastic memories!
I'm very grateful for my health, for my good fortune to live in a perfect running location, and for the Loop, which has kept me motivated for over 2 years now. Happy New Year!

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  1. What an awesome year for you! I hope 2012 will bring you even further PRs and tons of happy miles!