Friday, January 27, 2012

Miles and More Miles

From Jan 16th,

So, things continue to go very well! I just finished a 44 mile week, which is my highest mileage week since high school! Last year I peaked out with a couple of 41 mile weeks and averaged 34 for the last 8 weeks before the marathon. This year I plan to bump that up to averaging 45 for the next 8 weeks. And I want to hit 50 at least once. I think the added mileage will make the difference to hold the bonk at bay.

Also, my weight is down 5 pounds from last year at this time. And I plan to race in the Kinvaras which seem to be good for 15 seconds per mile. All systems are go!!

More details:
Last Sunday I planned to do 19 hilly miles in Palos Verdes; pushing my endurance limits. I realized I was out of GU, so I decided to join our local running store's Sunday group run which leaves at 8:15AM, and pick up some GU there. Well, silly me did not realize that the store is not open until 10. So I headed out with just water and only the bowl of cereal in my belly to fuel me.

It turned out to be a good run. I hooked up with a guy who was going to do 16, and he decided to stay with me and we ran almost the whole way together. Relaxed pace averaged 8:55 up and down a lot of hills. By the last two miles however, my lack of fuel finally got to me and I really crashed hard. It felt like the last parts of a marathon where my legs were just DONE. Lesson learned. I picked up 10 GUs at the store after the run. Still 18.2 hard miles done.

Sidenote: My lifetime mileage odometer went over 22,000 with this run. Coincidentally, my 1996 Honda also just rolled over 200,000 miles this week. I'm a proud cheapskate.

Tuesday I did 7 with the group.

Wednesday I did 9.3 miles with some hills and pushed the pace under 8 for the last 3 miles. A good hard run.

Thursday I did an easy 6 with the last 3 along the beach in the hard packed sand. It was dark and cool and a nice change-up from my usual runs. The coast line is maybe 150 yards from the bike path and homes, and down a little, so you really feel isolated. All you hear are the waves crashing and the city seems miles away. Very nice.

Friday I hit the gym for circuit training.

Saturday was 13 miles along the beach, averaged 8:31. It's nice when a half marathon is no big deal.
Sunday I capped my big week (5 runs!) with 9 miles at a half marathon at the beach. I jogged to the 5 mile mark, watched the leaders go by, and then started running along the course, which was the beach bike path and roads. I was doing about 8:15 pace, so the 6 and 7 minute milers were going by. It was a fun way to watch the race. I ran the whole last 8 miles of the course, and got to cheer our own AtomBuddy as he raced for his NYCM qualifying time. And then at the finish, I met up with JunBlack and Alice, and we all went out to breakfast for a LoopWest planning meeting. 3 more weeks!

So, I am very happy with that week. Seven more tough weeks of training before the taper, and then I'll just hope for cool temps. The BQ is in my sights.

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