Monday, August 8, 2011

Another week of running and playing in tinseltown

It has been a busy week of both training and entertaining myself, so here is your weekly summary of my life living the dream in So Cal.

Tuesday: Weekly group run in the local trails. Felt strong. Feel like I recover faster than normal after a hard effort like a hill. I think I'm getting in good shape! 6.4 hilly miles.

Wednesday: rest day

Thursday: Speed work. Wore the Kinvaras for the whole run today, 5+ miles. Went to the track with a plan to do six 800s, just like last week. Started knocking them out, and felt good again. Hard effort, but holding a little back. After 4 I abruptly decided, "You know, I think that's enough for today." Partly I didn't want to overdo it in the Kinvaras. Partly I wanted to save a little energy for the weekend long run. But I just figured, I feel good, let's just leave some in the tank. These felt easier than last week, but just as fast. 3:15, 3:16, 3:14, 3:13. Trotted home in great spirits. And no residual pain from running in the minimal shoes.

Friday: Another rest day, as the DW and I went out to Hollywood Bowl to see Hairspray with Harvey Fierstein, Marisa Jaret Winokour, John Stamos, Drew Carey and Nick Jonas.

Harvey Fierstein's voice... just, wow. It was a good time, some food, some wine. Nice.

Saturday: Back at it with an ocean swim. Saw some dolphins again, but not so close this time. Knocked out about 0.8 miles in some choppy water. Came out and felt...great! Again, I seem to be recovering quicker. Felt like I could go right back out and do it again, which is a big improvement from previous swims. Lately I am feeling on top of the world. Ready to race!

Saturday evening, DW, Dorky Teen and I headed back up to Hollywood to watch Comedy Sportz. This is an Improv Comedy group. Lots of laughs.

Sunday: Long Run Day. Last week I did 14 hilly miles averaging 8:57 and felt pretty BA. I have ramped up from 11 just 3 weeks ago. This week I thought I would do the same hilly course again, and add a mile at the turnaround and do 15. So I head out on a perfect overcast day, temp about 60. Feeling good again! This course is awesome as it starts out with 3 miles along the beach, then goes up about 300 feet in the next 2.5 miles, and then goes along the cliff in Palos Verdes on a trail that is literally right next to the cliff down to the water. And it looks like this:

So about 2 miles running along here on single track is just heavenly. I feel great so I decide I may as well go 15.6 (the distance of my upcoming trail race). Then I see more trail to explore so I extend it again all the way to 8 before I turn around. Heading back I start to tire, but the downhills help. The last 3 along the beach I am tired, but still moving well and I finish strong. Exhilarated, confident, just plain focking awesome. I bathe in the endorphins and smile contentedly as I rehydrate and rest. Life is good.
Check out these splits:
855, 845, 834 ,955, 854, 845, 835, 826,
821, 852, 904, 759, 806, 821, 822, 824
Total average 8:38, about 20 seconds per mile faster than last week!
So I am ready to race. 5K next week in Omaha. 25K trail run in 3 weeks.
Finished the weekend last night watching 127 Hours on DVD. Loved it. If he can do that, hell, I can suffer through any race pain. Bring it.

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