Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ready to Test Myself - Again

Apparently this is the Summer to push my boundaries; try a few new things. Last week was the double fun 5K/10K. Next month is my first Olympic triathlon. And this Saturday is the Bulldog 25K Trail Run!

I've done a little trail running, including a 10K, and a pikermi that was about 8 miles of trails. But this race is 15.6 miles of major hills, set on one of the hottest days of the year. The weather is not giving us a break, so it looks like 90+ degree temps in the Malibu mountains. For a beach runner like me used to 60's, it will be a big change.

Here is the elevation chart, except it is backward from the way we are running, so go right to left.

and here is another version that is probably more like what it will feel like.

Over 2,000' climb in the first 7 miles. The rest should be easy, though, right?
Here are some pics to give you a feel for the area.

And some people are doing a 50K! Two loops!

Well, my goal is simple. Don't die. Oh, I guess I'd like to run most of it, but there will definitely be walking up that hill. Since I need a goal of some sort, how about 2:30? That's about 9:40 pace. Whatever. I am going to treat it like a training run/trek and have fun.

And what better way to have fun than to run with a Loopster?! Yes, aschmid3 is in town from Delaware and I will be escorting her to the start. We are about the same speed, so I am hoping we can run together at least some of it. I have another friend running it also. And the DW is sacrificing her morning, so there will be pics.

I've only run once this week, and I am fighting off a phlegmmy cough, but I should be good to go. Life is an adventure! Live it!


  1. Don't die. That's the perfect goal :) ha!

  2. I like don't die! I think trail runs are a different ballgame and best to not worry abou ta time... leave the Garmin at home and just enjoy it!!