Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I forgot to tell you this little story from Sunday's run.

I was cruising along my woodchip trail. A runner came by and passed me (a rare enough occurrence). We exchanged Good Mornings and he pulled ahead a little. Shortly we came to a busy road crossing. There is no traffic light at the trail but on either side of the trail is roads so there were lights on both sides. Cars were streaming by. I waited for the light.

Well, Mr. Speedy apparently didn't want to interrupt his run, so he sees traffic open one way and starts to go across. I give a WTF, hands in the air, shocked look, to no one in particular. Traffic was still coming pretty hard the other way, but he picks a gap of no more than a few car lengths and just goes for it. It was like Eddie Murphy in Bowfinger (and if you haven' seen that, watch this! Skip ahead to 2 minutes if you are in a hurry)

OK, maybe not quite like that, but it was very uncool. And within ten seconds, the light changes. I jog across and see the police car at the corner. Ha! The cop makes his turn and within seconds I hear a little siren, and they pull the guy over. Hahahahahahaha!!!!! That will teach him to pass me! I run right past them, and the guy makes eye contact with me. i don't know what he expected. I was sure not going to help him.

I continue my run to the end of the trail, and turn back. They must have detained him about ten minutes, because then I see him coming down the trail. I was dying to ask him if they ticketed him or let him off with a warning, but I  resisted. This time he averted his eyes. Oh the shame!

Today's moral - Don't jaywalk!

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  1. Shoot. Around here, all we have are the fish and wildlife cops. SO...if you are running you can jaywalk, but no fish stealing or elk poaching allowed.