Saturday, July 16, 2011


I spent most of this week on a trip to Arkansas for work. Tuesday morning I managed a good 8 mile run in the AM, with just enough time to cool down, shower, pack and get to the airport. I planned to run once during my 3 days there. I left the lovely cool 70 degree beach, and arrived at the Memphis airport and it was 100. I don't know how you guys do it. Two hours later I was in NE Arkansas and by the time I went to bed it was still over 90.

Anyway, Wednesday night I ran after work. It was probably upper 80's or 90. Planned to do 5, but the heat wasn't a problem so I stretched it to 6. No water during the run - I thought about carrying a bottle, but decided to do it old school and just run 'til I dropped. I was at my usual pace, and other than ridiculously excessive sweating, the heat didn't bother me too much. I guess it's not as horrible as I imagined to run through these summers.

Friday I took a vacation day and went up to Norfork Lake in AR with two friends from work. Last year at this time I did the same thing, and ended up tearing up my groin muscle trying to water ski, and then losing 8 weeks of training. No water skiing this year!! (Or ever again, thank you very much)

This year we just cruised around the lake in a speedboat, and did a lot of swimming or just floating in the water. Water temp was 80-87! And compared to the ocean, the water was flat as a pancake. So I decided to get a little swim workout in. After about 1/4 mile though, I called it a day and just relaxed. I am sure jealous of you lake triathletes - SO much easier!

We found a little cliff to jump off of, so I decided to do it and prove my machismo was still in tact. I may be 49, but I can still take stupid risks like the young'uns!

Woo Hoo! It was a little scary before the jump. But, no problem!

Now I am back home in the 72 degree and sunny weather. Time for a short bike ride to ogle girls at the beach. Then tomorrow I am doing a 12-13 mile run over the top of our local big hill to work on my hill endurance.

For you bibliophiles, I just finished Freedom by Jonathan Franzen for book club. Nothing to do with running, but it was very well written and definitely makes one think about life and relationships. Recommended. Next I am going to read "What I talk about when I talk about running" Review to follow.

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  1. Water temps at 80-87?? WOW! I'm not sure my bath was that warm last night! The cliff jumping looks really fun though!