Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I must be a marathoner, because this is some serious speed work!

(From Friday)

My week kind of lagged after my big hilly 20 on Sunday. I had a decent 7 miles on Tuesday, but then I think the post-Bostongate malaise kicked in and I blew off Wednesday gym workout and then I blew off Thursday easy run. So now it was Friday and I was looking at a zero weekend since I am driving to freaking cold snowy Flagstaff, AZ for 3 days to check out NAU with my son.

So I have one day to salvage my week. Speed work? Long run? Let's do both! My co-worker and co-runner and loop lurker Julia is right about my speed, and she taunts me mercilessly. This morning she did 5 x 2 mile intervals at 7:40. So I decided I better just do that same workout, only faster.

Previously I have done 3 x 2. And 4 x 1. Both of which I thought were pretty BA at the time. But 5 x 2? At 7:40, or MGP minus 30? Also known as half marathon race pace? Total mileage - 14 miles? Well the challenge was made. So that was the plan.

It is cool, cloudy and windy. Real windy as a storm is blowing in. It would be 7 miles out with the wind and the last 7 into the wind. Ugh.

One mile warmup 8:21. Feel pretty good.

First two: 7:43, 7:29 No problem. Except I tend to always speed up, so I am overperforming already. Which means pain later.

1/2 mile at 8:25 pace

Next two: 7:33, 7:32

1/2 at 8:30

Two more: 7:33, 7:39
Yes, that 2nd one is after the turn around, and that wind is brutal.

1/2 at 8:52

Two more: 7:40, 7:35

1/2 at 8:55. OK. I walked for a minute off the clock. Sue me.

Last two: 7:50, 7:47 Ooo, I was fading fast. The wind SUCKED! But I hung on and finished
Total average speed miles: 7:38
Take that, Julia!

Went through 13.1 miles in 1:43 - a darn fine half for me (not counting three water stops and a little walk - but who's counting)
There was much suffering, but it's just another BA workout under my belt. I rewarded myself with a giant Fatburger, and then bought some new shoes.
Maybe I'll do a few on the hotel treadmill on Sunday to break in the new shoes...

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