Thursday, February 17, 2011

The end of the Boston dream - for now

Today's announcement of the tightening standards was the last nail in the coffin of my Boston hopes. Oh sure, I know it is not until next year, but with the new process, it may as well be this year. I imagine it will fill up by the time they get to 5 minutes faster than current standards.
It was a bit of a stretch anyway. I was hoping to run 3:35 to sneak in for next year, when I turn 50 a week before the race. But I have not been confident about my possibilities of maintaining that pace through those last 6 miles. Now that it will probably take sub 3:30, I am going to go ahead and lower my goals and not kill myself. For next month's marathon, I am going to play it conservative - just run for fun - the Ms Ritz Boston strategy. Maybe it will pay off with a great time. Oh sure, I will still be aiming to PR. With my training going so well, that should not be too hard. But instead of 8:00 or 8:05 pace, I will be happy to start at 8:15 or 8:20 pace, and then see how it goes. Maybe I can get to that last 6 miles and still have enough to maintain the pace and finish strong. I will still be challenging myself. I think my new A goal is sub 3:40, but I really will just try to have fun, and without the stress of that BQ sitting out there, it should be more fun.
And maybe I can somehow stay in this shape for 5 more years and shoot for it again at 55.
Or 60. 70?
Life is good.


  1. Hey, a BQ is *STILL* a BQ. There is NOTHING in the rules of calling a finish a BQ that says that you have to ACTUALLY run from Hopkington to Bean Town. So you go on out there and run your marathon, and BQ. If you actually manage to get to register, well, even better.

  2. I disagree, but I see your point. Non-runners have no clue what a BQ is. And explaining that you reached the former qualifying time but now it's not good enough, just wouldn't go too well.

  3. Ritz's plan has always sounded good to me. The new times are tough; I am one who has never desired to run Boston - but, I feel for those who were on the cusp of a BQ and now face a tougher way.