Tuesday, February 15, 2011

20 Hilly Miles on a Nice Sunny Day

Quick training update.
Another 40+ mile week! Tues - 7 easy, Thurs - 9 with last 5 at MGP, Friday - 5 easy, Sunday - 20!
Not only 20 on Sunday, but it was the hilliest course possible (in the area). Seemed like ups or downs all day long. Mile 2 had a climb of 200 feet in 0.8 miles. I ran relaxed and averaged 9 minute pace. Felt pretty good most of the way and chugged up another 200 feet in miles 17 and 18. Those last two miles however - dang! My legs were shot and I felt like I was hitting the wall. Mile 19 was down the huge hill, but it was so steep I couldn't just run. I had to brake to control my speed, and that just hurt more. Then I just shuffled in and finished in 3:00:02. EXHAUSTED! It hurt to sit down, get up, walk...26 sounds extremely scary again. I need to psych myself up. Granted the hills made it much tougher than normal. And my legs are tired. And my shoes have 400 miles on them. I'm hoping a cutback week helps me out a little and a 21 miler in two weeks will be flatter and easier.
Five weeks until race day!
This gives you an idea of where I ran:

And just for fun, here is a pic from my last race. The suffering is similar to how I felt after this 20!


  1. That looks like a grueling 20! But very scenic =D

    I have been having some similar thoughts....can I keep this up for 6.2 more miles? Maybe with a gun to my head!!!

  2. Looks good but tough. Well done.