Monday, December 22, 2014

Stacking Hay, Laying Bricks, Digging the Foundation...

Scheduled another double this weekend. Ten hilly goat miles Saturday followed by 15 flat miles on tired legs Sunday. That topped off a 2nd 40+ mile week in a row, as I build that base. Because that's what it's all about, as you know. (I don't need to add the link. You're singing it already, aren't you?)

It also put me over my 2012 total of 1,328 miles. I am now at 1,342 and it will be my biggest year since 1980, despite missing most of January, and having only 198 after March. So, yay.

Saturday was another fun trail run, with lots of fun technical single track. And lots of hills.

I ran with two new friends - one from Ireland who was in town briefly. Perfect weather with 50's and partly sunny. I ran pretty hard, walked when necessary, and blazed the downhills.
Pretty beat up by the end, but felt good to be alive. The idea of fifteen the next day sounded a bit nuts, but I am learning that the body tends to respond, like it did last week.

I had a good 2 hour nap Saturday before going out to a party where I had 3 beers and a lot of food, but I was still home and in bed by 10.

Sunday I woke up a bit groggy and sore, but I got myself out the door and back on the usual beach course - 5 miles of wood chip trail, then over to the beach for 9 flat miles at the end. And it went like all my Sunday runs seem to go. Easy slow start where I feel like I can never make it. Gradual speeding up as I start to feel better. Pace drops below where I should be, but I can't help it. Then I hit the beach and somehow I drop to marathon pace. Curse myself, but don't slow down anyway... You've heard this before...

Anyway, it went even better than normal. I found myself well under 8 minute pace, but it didn't feel that hard, so I kept it up. And I held it all the way home. Legs felt tired, but worked anyway. It was a real confidence booster! I started thinking of 7:45 as my goal marathon pace. Calculated, as I ran, that it would get me a 3:23. Sure. Why not? I even pushed it up the last hill. Boom.

So I'm on top of the world. Ready for a bit of a cutback week with lots of family coming to town. Then full steam ahead for marathon training.

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