Monday, December 15, 2014

12.13/14.13 Marathon Weekend

This is not an official 12/13/14 race entry. Because I am too lazy or stubborn to do any of the fun stuff like make a bib or take pictures.

But I did run like the dickens this weekend, and the mojo train is still rolling! So thanks for the motivation to push myself.

Saturday I joined my Mountain Goats and stretched the run just enough to get up to 12.13 miles. As usual, it was hilly.

 But I felt pretty good and had a great run. It was cold (for us) at 50 degrees, and I think I was the only one in just shorts and a tee. But I thawed out eventually and it was a beautiful day with gorgeous long views from the mountain top. Pushed the pace a bit and finished feeling strong. And I nailed the 12.13 miles. For a bonus, the calories burned came in at 1404. Almost a perfect 1414.


That wiped me out pretty well, so Sunday I woke up a bit sore and tired. But I had committed to 14 more for the 12/13/14 weekend. So, once again, this little community can take credit for increasing my mileage.

I did my normal flat beach run, and it felt good to go on my long route (over 13) for the first time since the marathon. Felt like I was back in marathon training, which of course I am. As usual I told myself to just go as easy as possible, and as usual I went basically the same speed I always go. As I warm up and start to feel good, I just speed up!


Felt great to go sub-8 toward the end and hold it. I took it to 14.13, just because, which made the weekend total 26.2 miles. One of my favorite numbers!

It was another cold (low 50s) run, which was perfect after I got past the first few miles of numb hands. I did both of these runs with no fuel. No GU or anything. I thought I'd give that strategy a try. The first one I did no water as well. Since it was so cool and I didn't sweat as much, it was no problem. Big waves from the recent storm were fun to watch, and there were a few brave surfers out on the 10-12 foot waves. Good times.

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