Friday, October 3, 2014

Is it Possible to Race without Racing?

My legs are tired. But I have a 10K tomorrow.

Originally I had hoped to try and beat last year's time. Which was an AGPR of 43:14. But, as usual, I overstuffed my calendar and did the Grand Canyon last weekend, and I am definitely still recovering. The soreness is pretty much gone now. I did 5.5 on Tuesday and 5 miles last night. And they felt OK. But just OK. I'm certainly not tapered to race a hard 10K.

So I will show up in the morning. And I will tell myself to just go out conservative and not worry about chasing that 6:59 pace. But I don't know if that is possible. It's a race! Must! Run! Hard!

So I kind of expect to blow up and suffer and die. The course has a nasty hill at mile 5. Why can't I just run it for fun? 8 minute pace? Enjoy the festive atmosphere and then run 12 on Sunday for marathon training? Yes, that's what I'll do....

Not sure if I can do that.

Stupid competitive juices.

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