Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Plenty of Laborin' on Labor Day

I had a great weekend.

It started on Saturday. My mountain goat group got together for a special adventure trip. Fifteen of us drove up the coast to Ventura, and took the one hour boat ride across the Santa Barbara Channel to Santa Cruz island.
The island is uninhabited. It is all national park or reserve, with a small campground and a visitor's center, and lots of trails. The fog cleared as we arrived, and it was a beautiful sunny day to enjoy the natural beauty.

DW came along for the ride, and rested on the beach as the rest of us started our 2 1/2 hour tour of the island. We would cover 11.5 miles of ups and downs and cruising along cliffs. Plenty of stops for pictures and re-grouping and re-hydrating. It was a leisurely pace, but there was plenty of work to do climbing a few of those hills. And there was no shade the entire day.
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Eventually we made it back to the harbor, and I headed directly for a dip in the ocean. The cold water felt so good! Then we all had a potluck picnic lunch and just enjoyed the rest of the afternoon before our boat came back for us at 4:00. It was great to get away from cell service and the city and enjoy nature and running.
Sunday I rested because I had 18 to do on Monday. It would be warm again - like all my recent long runs, but I got up earlier this time and got out the door just after 7AM. My legs were still heavy from Saturday, but I just needed to get the miles in, and having tired legs was just a bonus!

My last few long runs ended with some bonking in the heat. But not this one! The early start, plus two GUs and frequent extended hydration stops helped. I was tired, but slipped into marathon pace anyway, and was able to maintain it all the way to the last mile! 8:04 pace for the last 12. Kind of surprised myself. It did wonders for my confidence, and now I feel much better about tackling 26.2 in 9 weeks.

Looking to do 19 next weekend before a short taper for the Erie Half the following week.

More good news; My weight dropped below 150 for the first time in two years. Optimal weight! And I am ready to declare that the Plantar Fasciitis is officially gone after almost a year. All systems are go! Let's see how long this can last.

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