Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Good Vibrations

Just more good news from the beach!

Marathon training is going great - right on schedule. No injuries to talk about here!

Just finished my first 50-mile week in two and a half years, my longest run in 15 months, and my pace continues to drop. It's all good right now.

So last week started with a Monday long run on Labor Day - 18.2 miles which went very well despite warm temps. I averaged 8:16 with the last 12 at 8:04 pace.

Wednesday I went to the track group and did 1 mile, 2 miles, and 1 mile at Pikermi pace, with 2 lap rest periods between. My paces were 7:16, 7:19 for two, and 6:58. There was another two mile at the end, but I skipped it. That was enough work.

Thursday I was back out for 7 easy, but I felt pretty good and had a nice progression run.
Saturday was another long one -19. It was a little bit cooler (66), and there was some cloud cover, so the heat was not really a problem. I always start my long runs with five miles on the wood chip trail and go out slow and let my body ease into marathon pace. The 6th mile goes over a big hill to get to the beach, and then the rest is flat and fast and I try to maintain marathon pace.

I felt pretty good right from the start - more rested than I was Monday. And I love my Hoka Cliftons! The pace was a bit faster than normal, so I figured it would be a good day as long as I didn't bonk. Sure enough, by the time I hit the beach, the pace was dropping below 8, and I felt strong. Just cruising along.

I ran with one guy for a few minutes and chatted about upcoming marathons. And then I talked with a group of women marathoners at a water stop. TWO! I talked to TWO different strangers! That's a PR for me.

Anyway, I got a bit tired toward the end, but the pace held (with the help of water stops every 1.5 - 2 miles). Finished strong and happy and started thinking BQ thoughts...


Last 13 averaged 7:54!

And just to show off, here is my weight chart for the past 4 years. The two peaks were for my runner's knee and PF downtime. The last time I was this low was when I BQ'd in 2012. And Monster month is still coming up!

But now it is rest week as I taper a bit for the Erie Pikermi on Sunday. Looking forward to hanging out with some cool Loopsters, and seeing how fast I can cover 13.1.

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