Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Giving Hoka a Try

Yesterday's guest at the Local Running Store was the Hoka rep. He was letting us run in the new Clifton shoe. And he brought goodies. Free GUs, samples of energy bars, raffle prizes. And a promise of free beer after the run! So I liked this guy already.

I had tried Hokas a few months ago, and liked them. But not so much a fan of the price tag. And they do look kind of silly with the thick sole. But this time they had a new shoe that was lightweight, not quite so silly looking, and the price tag was "only" $130 - less than some of their shoes. So I slipped on some Cliftons for a 7 mile test run.
They felt great. Super cushy, lots of room to spread my toes. And very light! Same weight as the Kinvara! Started running and forgot all about them - very smooth ride. I went out a little quick, held back a little, but then settled into a nice 8:00 pace that felt easier.

Perhaps it was because I was well rested after two days off (although I did 15.6 hilly miles on Saturday). But I finished strong and felt good. After more talking with the rep, I decided to go ahead and buy a pair. With my 20% discount from the store (for being in the regular group), and a $5 coupon from online, it was about $100.

They also threw in a Hoka bag, a Hoka shirt, and I won a Hoka hat in the raffle. Now it was time for some Hoka beer.
We had our usual group of about 20 runners in the bar across the street, and Hoka man bought a round. Good times.
Now tonight I have my 1-mile time trial. I planned to wear Kinvaras, but maybe I'll wear these new Hokas and see how they do with speed. I plan to meet RunDanRun (finally!) and he says he will be doing the beer mile. So I will try to videotape that bit of fun!

Then Saturday Dan and I are tackling a 10K on a cross-country hilly course.

Life is good.

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