Monday, August 11, 2014

A Happy Run

Hi, Me again.

Yes, I just posted, but I had another run Sunday that I wanted to write about.

It was really a great week for me. Things are looking up.

Monday: Colonoscopy. Passed with flying colors. Decided not to run (duh) since I hadn't eaten in almost two days and was coming off of anesthesia.

Tuesday: Hoka test run became a solid tempo with 5.5 at 7:50 pace.

Wednesday: One Mile Race on the track exceeded expectations with a 5:52!

Thursday: Put in some more junk miles, about 5 easy.

Friday: Rest, but meet up with RunDanRun.

Saturday: 10K cross country race with Dan.

So with that busy week there was no room for a long run, like the 17 due up on my marathon training schedule. But I thought maybe I could do one more run on tired legs just to get in some miles. Then I slept 10 hours Saturday night! Much more than normal. By the time I was ready to run it was close to 10AM and the fog had burned off and the sun was out. I thought about taking a rest day.

A little later I was feeling better. I had nothing else to do all day, maybe I could just go out and enjoy the beautiful sunny day at the beach. Maybe 6. Take it easy.

By the time I left, I was feeling relatively chipper! Maybe I'll do the full 9 to the end of the beach and back. See how it goes.

I headed out in just my shorts and my brand new Hoka Cliftons. The weather was perfect for a day at the beach. Sunny, low 70's, nice breeze, no humidity. I took it easy, but I could tell right away that I felt pretty good! No residual race soreness!

I did an out and back on the beach bike path.
The Hokas felt great. Light weight but cushy. It's not like pillows. It's more like springs on your feet. The shoes just seem to push you forward!

Going through Hermosa Beach, there was a big festival going on - Fin Fest for Discovery's Shark Week. Lots of people and booths and stuff going on, and bands on a big stage. Pharrell's Happy was playing on the speakers and I got it stuck in my head for most of the run. But it was perfect, because I was Happy! I was celebrating a great mile race, a really fun loopmeet, and it was just blissful running along the beach on a perfect day! Sing with me now...

OK, sorry for the earworm.

At mile 3 I was passed by a guy and then he pulled me along for the next few miles. That pushed my pace down to about 8:00 - virtually the same as yesterday's race pace! Felt good the whole way, humming my little song, smiling, and knocking out 8 minute miles on tired legs without much effort.

beach 2
Sub-8 for the last 4, even up the hill back to the house. And the even better news is that the Hokas seem to be good for my PF as well. The feet felt a lot better after this run than they have been lately. So I rode the runner's high during and after this run. Still riding it.

"Because I'm happy
Clap along if you feel like that's what you wanna do"
"Can't nothing
Bring me down
My level's too high"

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