Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"It's Time to Fly over the Earth!"

Yesterday was Hoka day at the Local Running Store. The Hoka rep had shoes we could try, so I got to sample the feet pillows for a 7 mile run.

Heard this little nugget from the rep:

Hoka OneOne (pronounce hoe-kah oh-nay oh-nay) is a Maori expression meaning ‘It’s time to fly over the Earth’. A speed-skiing Kiwi used to shout this before jumping off mountains at the beginning of fast descents.

So, don't call it "1, 1".

It was the Boston anniversary so I wore my Boston shirt. It just happened to match nicely with the shoes...

The shoes felt pretty good going on. A little loose on the inside - plenty of room in the toe box. Of course it was cushy too. But it was only a 4mm drop, and felt much like my regular shoes, the Saucony Cortana. When I ran, they felt pretty good! Forgot all about them and had a great run. And afterward, my feet bottoms were not sore at all, which is better than normal for me lately. So I have to give them a thumbs up. Don't think I will be buying them at $170 though.

I planned to do an easy 7, like 8:30-9:00 pace. But, these group runs are tricky. I always get sucked into running with faster people. This day there was a new runner there who started out at my pace, so we started chatting and running together, and the pace quickened. Did I mention she was female, younger, fast and attractive? So, yeah, this happened:

8:09. 7:58. 7:39, 7:58, 7:56, 8:15, 8:29

More like a tempo. Maybe it was the shoes.

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