Monday, March 25, 2013

Monster Month - Week 3: Boston is getting Closer!

Hey there.

It's been a week, so I feel the need to update all of you who I'm sure are wondering how my training is going. (That is the blank stare I often get when I talk about training)

Another 41 mile week under my belt. Legs are pleasantly sore, but not injury sore. The knee seems 100% now!  Weird how it just kind of went away just as I started doing more and more miles.

So, Tuesday was 7 miles, where I was still pretty tired from Sunday's 20. Took it pretty easy. Wednesday was some strength work at the gym. Thursday I was planning to do speed work, but my legs were still pretty tired. I figured I didn't really need more speed work since I have no short races in the next 3 months. Better to just get in some miles. So I ran my hilly 8 mile course. Still a bit sluggish.

I planned to double up on the weekend. Saturday I met up with the Mountain Goats and did 11.5 miles up and down a big hill - about 1500 feet. I hooked up with a weekend visitor from Vancouver who was running at my pace and we chatted the whole way. The uphills were not too bad, only a minute or two of walking. The downhill last 5 miles were all sub-8 and fun! Just another amazingly beautiful run in the mountains.

Sunday I went out for 14 flat miles at the beach. Body was tired, but I was close to normal pace. Definitely felt heavy legs, but it reminded me of the second half of a marathon, which was the goal. Averaged 8:24.

So, one more solid week down, one more week of over 40 miles to go, topped with a 20 miler next weekend, and then the taper begins. Boston planning is picking up on our FB group. We have a bunch of loopsters doing the Boston Duck Tour together, followed by a carbo-loading dinner on Sunday. We will also probably be meeting up at the Expo Saturday, and of course on race day. Now if it will only stop snowing.

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