Saturday, December 15, 2012

2012 - Simply the Best year Ever

I love going back and reading my old posts. (I'm not the only one, right?) On days that aren't going so great, it reminds me of how many peak experiences I have had, and just makes me grateful for the good times.
And this year has been FULL of good times! cheers
Most miles run in a year since 1980! (projecting 1,350 miles) emo-thumbup

Most races in a year ever! - 15 surrender

First year with TWO marathons! emo-surprise

First epic "Ultra-Pikermi trail run" at Double Dipsea! emo-yes

FOUR Loopfest meetups! hug
 Over age 40 PRs at 5K, 3 Miles, 10K, Pikermi and Marathon distances! rocks

And, oh yes, qualified for Boston!!!!!

Yes, this year will be hard to top.

So, let me walk you through my year.

As the year started, I was doing the best training of my adult life, as I was preparing for my BQ attempt. I had some long workouts that amazed me and had me feeling VERY confident. This bloop was one good one, and this one recalls the best one. But I did find time for a Loopster dinner in Santa Monica.

Surf City Loopfest was a blast, as I got to host 5 famous loopsters at my home, as well as the pre-race carbo-loading party. The race came after running 20-milers the two previous weeks, but I still killed it, with a PR 1:33:18.

Next up was the LA Marathon in March, and you know how that went! Reading this bloop of my 3:26:52 BQ still chokes me up, not to mention the 100 comments!

I then planned to focus on speed for a while. Didn't quite get my sub-20 5K, but came darn close in April with a race that was short, that I projected out to 20:06 for 5K. In bunny ears.

Then it was road trip time as I met up with BSquaredMN in MN for a 4 mile trail race.

Then it was on to Cincinnati where I had a quick 6-mile run with lawrenceaa. And then headed over to Louisville, meeting many more Loopsters while cruising the Derby Pikermi in 1:35:54. My horsey RR was kind of clever...

In June ShaunP45 was in town, so JB, Zombiekid and I found a fast 5K and I gave it all I had to get an actual 20:06 5K PR.

I followed that the next week with another 5K in 20:32 on Dad's Day, which was at least good for first place tie-wearing runner.

And one week later, was Double Dipsea - more Loopsters, more fun. Where I may have started my love affair with trails (to be continued)...

July brought ANOTHER opportunity to meet up with Loopsters and race, so I jumped on it! A weekend at Loop Mansion with Medievalist, Alice, JB, John Wayne and Red Hat Amy was a blast. Got to do a beautiful trail in the redwoods of Santa Cruz, and I loved the San Francisco 2nd half marathon and managed a 1:34:47.

August was my chance to do a 10K and lower that PR, which I did by 60 seconds in 43:16. Even though I left AB hanging...

Good year so far, right? Well, Autumn brought not one, but TWO more huge Loopfests at Twin Cities and Marshall! As always, it was so much fun just to be around all these fantastic people and runners. Loopfest magic carried me to a 3:32:31 marathon in Minnesota on minimal training.

And at Marshall I raced for fun with MildSauce the whole way for the most enjoyable sub 1:40 Pikermi ever! And of course met many more Loopsters!

Still not done, I had another Pikermi a week later outside Las Vegas, and managed to win my age group and score a cowbell.

And four days later was Thanksgiving, so I had to do the 3-mile Turkey Trot. So I might as well get another PR in 20:16.

Phew! I am taking December off from racing, and giving my body a little break now, but I am hopeful for a great 2013. With Surf City and Boston already planned, that's a good start!

An early Happy New Year to all!

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  1. Loved reading the year's recap, definitely a great year for you!! Take that high and run it into 2013!! Good luck this weekend in Surf City - looks like another fun filled Looper weekend :).