Friday, November 30, 2012

Turkey Trotting

Today I would do the local Turkey Trot; a 3-mile fun run with several thousand locals. Lots and lots of walkers and trotters. No chips, no results. Just run for fun and start the day off by burning calories.

This is my 8th time running this one. Two years ago I set my course record of 20:27 which was a post-high school PR. This year I am a little burned out from two pikermis the last two weeks, but I'm also in better shape. I decided to do the Loop Prediction Race and would be racing without the Garmin for the first time in 5 years. Just like old times! Considering my fatigue I predicted 20:45. I figured I would do my best, and guessed that 20:45 was the best I could do on tired legs.

I also decided to wear my new green Loopfest shirt, and see if it had the same magical qualities of its predecessor, which carried me, and many other loopsters, to many PRs. I really should have factored that into my prediction time, but it was a last minute decision.

DW was already busy in the kitchen, cooking up a Thanksgiving dinner that we will be taking to a less fortunate family. So I have no pictures for you. But I did get to meet up with several friends from my local running group.

At the gun I went out at a good clip, and I really missed not being able to check my pace. But I trusted in my (significant) race experience and figured I could manage to read my body's cues and stay on track. I felt pretty good. A good hard effort, but in control. I saw mile marker 1 and there was no clock or person reading splits. But I did hear some people behind me say it was about 6:45. Is that cheating?

Mile 1 I was passing people steadily, but mile 2 it became more about hanging on. I passed a few people, but a couple passed me too. It felt like a pace I could hold on to. At the mile 2 marker I again heard someone say 13:33, and knew I was ahead of schedule and if i wanted to hit my number I could slow down. But I was out here to run as hard as I could - not hit the number, and that would be cheating anyway. But I probably did take a half-step back from the hurt locker in that 3rd mile, knowing I had a good time in the bag.

Still, I was pushing hard and suffering. The last 1/4 mile I picked it up a little more and passed a few more on the way in. Final time was 20:16. I missed my goal by 29 seconds, or 2.3%. But more importantly, it was a new PR! The Loopfest shirt's PR magic is confirmed!

So I had my Garmin on (with only distance showing). So I checked my splits. 6:40, 6:46, 6:50. Not quite negative, but pretty darn close to even for a fat, blind man. I guess my racing instincts are still in pretty good shape.

Now I am taking at least two weeks with no running after feeling a little burnt out with a marathon and two halves in the last 7 weeks

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  1. Ahhh, excellent PR - especially on dead legs and a mindset to follow. Congratulations. Enjoy your time off, you so earned it. And you'll come back ready and revitalized so you can pump those arms high across lots of 2013 finish lines! :)