Saturday, August 4, 2012

Galen Rupp is my Hero

After decades of watching Africans win all the big distance races, I had become accustomed to the idea that "they" were just better. Due to millenia of evolution or whatever. Rooting for Americans to even compete with the top Africans was mostly just frustration and embarassment. I had accepted the idea that "we" couldn't compete at the top level.

Then this skinny little white kid from Oregon just trains himself up to the top levels, and with supreme confidence just goes out and kicks butt with the best of the best. Well, it brought me to tears today. So, so happy for him and Mo to share today's triumph together! What a great race!

If he can do that, then it makes it easier for all of us to say to ourselves, "No excuses!"

Just Do It, indeed.

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  1. This was easily my favorite moment in the Olympics so far. I didn't even mind losing to the "British" guy. The fact that the two were teammates made it pretty sweet, I'm sure. If you've never seen the movie Running Brave, check it out. It's about Billy Mills winning the 10-k gold in 1964.