Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ready to Rock LA

This Sunday is the Los Angeles Rock N Roll Pikermi. I'm pretty excited to run it because I think I am ready to bust out a good one. I have been running up stairs and spontaneously breaking into dance, so those are signs that the taper is working and my energy levels are high!
 (This is basically the extent of my dance moves)

I ran this last year in 1:42, but I was coming back from injury and they totally changed the course. The new course starts and finishes at Staples Center and goes out and back for 6 miles, and then out and back a different way for the rest. Yawn. But we get to circle the Coliseum, run by museums, cruise through downtown among tall buildings, and go over the iconic 6th street bridge. So it should be fun, plus a dozen bands that we pass twice, so there will be lots of distractions. The course is less hilly than last year, so I am looking for a good time.
My B goal is to break a 2-year old PR of 1:39:28. I figure that shouldn't be too hard because I am definitely in better shape now. My A goal is to go under 1:38, under 7:30 per mile, run negative splits, and set a standard that I can then shoot for 3 weeks later in Philly.
Kara Goucher will be at the expo, so I am going to try and get a pic, even if I have to buy her book to do it! DW and I will be greening it up by taking the train to the race, even though it means getting up earlier. It is going to be warm. High of 82, so probably in the 60's and 70's for the race. There will be lots of costumed runners so DW should get plenty of pics. And no, I am not running in costume. I have work to do!

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