Saturday, October 29, 2011

For Kara Stalkers

 Got to spend a leisurely couple hours at the LA RNR Expo today. Went by myself so no one was rushing me to get out. So my lunch consisted of lots of free samples.
I did get my first pair of tights, which I plan to be rocking in Philly.
But the highlight was getting up close and personal with Kara Goucher. She did a little talk and Q and A for her sponsor, Nutrilite of about 25 minutes. There were about 100 seats in front of a little stage there in the expo. The front row was empty so I took a seat there! She made eye contact with me often while talking since I was about 8 feet in front of her. Got a few pics.
I was sitting next to another guy and we started talking. After Kara was done, we got in line for signatures and photos. My new friend took my pics, and I took his. Then he said, you seem familiar. Do you write a blog? !!! My first random Loop recognition! Turns out this is the exact same guy who recognized Alice last year at this same event! He lurks but doesn't post. Anyway, we talked about running a lot (of course). He is looking to run 1:24!
Anyway, so I get up to Kara and tell her I'm from Minnesota (like her) and she goes "Bangle! I know you. I love your blog!"
OK, just kidding.
But at least we shared something, and when she signed my race bib, she wrote "Go Minnesota!" and put a little heart before her name, so I'm just saying...
She seems very sweet and nice, as you'd expect. She is training for the Olympic Trials Marathon in January, and just switched coaches 2 weeks ago (which you can read about in her blog)
Then I hung around to see the next speaker, Josh Cox! So here's one for the ladies.
Good looking guy. He runs like 160 miles a week! He seems like a MBA consultant type. Very professional and type A. But very friendly. I didn't wait to meet him personally.
So I'm psyched to run tomorrow. I will have Kara's name virtually right over my heart (on my bib), so that has to be worth at least a minute, right?

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