Friday, December 31, 2010

Reminiscing on 2010

It's Dec 31. What else, but yet another blog about the year that was. So indulge me and let me sum up my year in data, memories and pics.
Total running miles: 1,015 - best year since 1981, despite a 6 week injury timeout
Biking Miles: 310 miles in 22 workouts
Swimming: 7.5 miles in 16 workouts
Gym: 50 trips to the gym for circuit training
My dog's mileage: 81 miles
Races: 14 races, most in 1 year since 1980. 1 marathon 4, halfs, 3 10Ks, 5 5Ks and 1 sprint triathlon. Four age group PRs.
Memories: The Loop factored highly in my most memorable moments. It started out with my first race, the duel in Redondo, where sfschas flew out to race me and we battled all the way to the finish line. Next I published my Bangle Chronicles which summarized my 6 lifetime marathons, and my life in general, and the ensuing popularity helped me graduate to the glory of the right side. The LA Marathon in March was my first successful marathon in 9 years, so that was nice.
Later, Loopsterfest was a huge highlight, meeting 16 other loopsters in person, partying and enjoying the race experience together. Knowing I have so many "close friends" all over the country is really a good feeling. And yes, after we meet, the good feelings that we all feel from the loop on the computer actually do translate to real life - even better! I plan to keep meeting loopsters in 2011!
Favorite pics:
The family that pumps together...

The duel in Redondo

Raising my kid in running - Age 3 months

Age 5

Age 16

Meeting my idol


Happy New Year to Everybody!

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  1. That pic of your son is an absolute classic. I'd have that dang thing blown up and on the wall. =D Love the pic of the Loopsters.