Tuesday, July 24, 2012


So I was reading the latest RW and there is a long article about a guy who "ran around the world". Of course this is kind of impossible unless you can walk on water, so the Guinness people made some rules about how to do it, and one of them was that the run must be as long as the length of the tropic of capricorn. (If you skipped geography class, this line is about 23 degrees from the equator, and actually moves around a lot - strange. More here)

Well, one of my goals is to amass enough lifetime miles to run around the world. I always figured the equator length as my goal, which is 24,900 miles. I'm less than two years away. So when I looked up this tropic of capricorn thing, I found it to be 22,835 miles. So I opened up my excel sheet and checked my current total. It was 22,832 after Sunday.

So my next run, tomorrow, will put me over. I think I'll change my screen name to Magellan.

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