Monday, June 4, 2012

Mile Madness

So four weeks ago I decided on a plan for speed work to get ready for a 5K:

Week 1: 10x400 - I averaged 87

Week 2: 12x400 - I averaged 89

Week 3: 6x800 - I averaged 3:06

Week 4: 2x1 mile at 5K goal race pace or below (6:25)

So today was mile day. Instead of the track, I headed to my favorite beach bike path. It is basically dead straight and flat, and G would be the timekeeper. As I got ready I was feeling nerves similar to race day. I was a little concerned that I would be running almost the same pace as last week's 800s that felt like sprinting. But I took it as a good sign. My legs were a little beat up from running harder than I should have this week, so I figured I would just go for it and see what I could do. I planned a full mile in between to rest.

So I cruise down, 1.2 mile warmup, and I don't feel great. Short of breath, and nervous I guess. I walked a little to calm down. And then I just went.

First look at G (lap pace) showed 6:05! Apparently I am used to these short track intervals and going out fast! So I tried to relax and slow down. A little later, lap pace is still at 6:07. I don't feel like it is too fast, so I kind of maintain without stressing too much. Pace starts slipping and when it is at 6:15 I decide to start pushing a little more. The second half I am huffing pretty hard, but I am not going into oxygen debt, and it's pretty fun! I reach a mile and slow to a walk. 6:14!

Holy cr@p! That is nearly the same speed as my 800 intervals! I guess this speed work is paying off. After catching my breath I trot a half mile, get a drink, and start trotting back. The rest mile is 9:45 (including the walking).

I jump into the second interval feeling fatigued, but confident. I normally do better after my first interval. First look at G shows 6:07 again. I'm glad I still have the speed, but I relax and try to slow a bit. However I start to daydream and lose focus. When I check G after about 1/4 mile it says 6:40. What the...!!! I realize I was not pushing it too hard and step on the gas. I got a little cocky. So the rest of the way I am pushing hard and I watch the lap pace drop. 6:31, 6:25, 6:23. I am working hard, and I have a little wind against me on the way back. The legs are definitely getting more lactic acid on this 2nd one. It feels like mile 2 of a 5K. Can't get it all back, but finish with a 6:22.

I gallowalked the last mile home. Pretty tired. But VERY excited with killing my goal times. Now all I have to do is use race day adrenaline and race day pain thresholds to string three of those together next Saturday. Easy week ahead, And I think I have a date with the Stick tonight.


  1. Speed work ROCKS! Great job, keep with it!