Friday, September 9, 2011

Stronger and Faster and Happier

The more I do, the stronger I get. This training thing really works! Lately I seem to just be getting stronger and faster and feel better all the time. I am in some kind of awesome groove and I like it! So I need to share with my peeps who understand.

Anyway, my last blog was after 3 straight weekends of racing and loop meetups and awesomeness. PR, PR and PR. But now I had to get back into triathlon training because my Olympic tri was 3 weeks away and I really didn't do enough swimming and biking this summer - what with adding all these races.

So after the "real" hill of death a week ago Saturday, I took 3 days off and did nothing. Good thing because my quads were very sore and needed a break. Then I got busy.

Wed: Easy 5 miles at 8:40. Still shaking out the soreness.

Thurs: Back to the pool after 3 weeks without swimming. Managed 1200 meters.

Fri: 7 miles at 8:33. Feeling pretty good.

Sat: Bike ride - 21 miles with most of it at 16+ mph, which is pushing it for me.

Sun: Planned to do 9 miles, but I felt so good I stretched it to 10.3. Pace was pretty good too with the last 6 at 8:15 and mile 9 at 7:57.

Labor Day: Hoped to do an ocean swim, but we had really high surf, and there were warnings to stay out. Plus a shark sighting. So, I took a day off.

Tues: Group Run. Did 6.4 miles of trails and felt strong and had fun.

Wed: Back to the pool. Did 1600 meters for the first time, with hardly any pauses. Felt strong! I guess I will survive the 1500 meter ocean swim.

Thur: Speedwork. Since I've been feeling so good, I decided to do 4 x 1 mile intervals. Thought maybe 7:15 pace to start and then maybe get down near 7:00. It was warm - over 80 - probably the hottest run of the year, but a nice breeze and cooling down. I broke out the Kinvaras and felt fast.

   1.3 mile warmup at 8:34 (already fast)
   First mile 7:14, 0.7 miles at 8:26
   Second mile 7:07, still holding back,  0.5 miles at 8:59
   Third mile 6:55! I feel like I could do these all day!, 0.65 miles at 8:43
   4th mile 6:48! The last half was probably close to 6:30 after a slower start. I had a lot left in the tank!

I tell ya, these Kinvaras really must help a lot. I feel like I'm cheating. I'm glad it is now OK to train in "racing" shoes. But I am feeling really good lately. I seem to finish every workout feeling great, with the feeling that I could do more - and I want to do more!  Basically everything is just building on everything else; the cross training, the better eating, the weight training, the speedwork, the shoes, the lower weight, the loop love. Add it all up and it makes for one happy, healthy, speedy Bangle. Yay! Looking forward to busting out more PRs and breaking more barriers in the months and years to come.
It's a Banana Day!

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